Dr Laura Woodward - The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture: How It Moved

Laura Woodward is a practising artist based in Melbourne. Her kinetic installations have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia. She received a PhD at the VCA in 2014.

Solo exhibitions include Writhe, Ararat Regional Gallery, upcoming 2015; Introverted, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Southbank, 2013; and Underwing, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda, 2010. Curated group exhibitions include Creating Common Worlds, curated by Dr Kent Wilson, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery and In Motion, curated by Sally Clarke, Airspace, Sydney, 2014; and McClelland Sculpture Award, 2007 and 2010. Public commissions include Voices at Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre and the Horsham Highway Entrance Sculpture.

Publications include “The Somatic in Kinetic Sculpture: from Len Lye to an Introverted Kinetic Sculpture (via Donna Haraway’s Cyborg)” in the collective volume Moving Imagination: The Motor Dimension of Imagination in the Arts, 2013; and “Exploring Neocybernetics and New Materialisms in Contemporary Kinetic Sculptural Practice through ‘The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture’ ” in Studio Research, 2014.

The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture identified and explored the concept of “introversion” within kinetic sculptural practices: introverted kinetic sculptures embody circularly causal autopoetic systems with analogue manifestations. It focused on avoiding deterministic design, proposing that such practice allows space for empathic viewer responses.

The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture: how it moved comprises a twenty minute video overlaid with a twenty minute paper, exploring and explicating the processes and patterns underpinning the project’s evolution.

The combination of video and verbal presentations (approached as an experiment in itself) aims to emulate the way in which the works’ materialisation was interwoven with the project’s theoretical and conceptual emergences.

The video will combine footage of works in progress, documentation of completed works, and new footage filmed specifically for this presentation. Sketches and computer-generated imagery will be layered throughout, and some sections may be animated. Inherently kinetic, the video responds to the processes and movement/s embodied in each artwork’s development, highlighting the impact of each work upon the project’s evolution.

The verbal presentation will interweave with the video, exploring how processes, artworks, conceptual and theoretical understandings developed in and through each other, shaping the final outcomes and forms of the PhD project.

From The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy - A Symposium. 19th — 21st of March 2015.